10 November 2010

Sculpture 3rd year graduation

So ill began with the sculpture....graduation.. where i get drunk with.... just 2 glasses of wine, one of cheap champagne ( the one showed in the picture) and 1 beer...

Hahaa looked at the woman's dress is full of boooks!!!

Este de la bicicleta tambien estaba interesante, pedaleabas y caminaba tambien al compas "el camino" frente a ti.

A rainbowww sculptureee

Me inside of a cloud... I loved this one!

Me encanto esta era una nubeeeee geniaaaal!!!! :)

Giant something, see the explanation in the next picture please!

The description of one of the sculptures...

Gian Massage tool

My in the shipwreck type sculpture with my 1st glass of wine

Samantha posing with one of the sculptures, that was like a shipwreck. It was huge!!!

So this what I just saw into the Sculpture graduating show

So I find these on the street, i know is talking about Pasta!!!! but hahahahaha!! it makes me laugh