7 November 2010


So I went to Footscray with Quynh (my vietnamese friend)

She told me that Footscray market was cheaper than Victoria Market (the most famous and closest to my house)
So I went there. Is actually more expensive in some fruits but it has different variety since everything is Vietnamese type combined with Chinese.

Se parece en cuanto a gente a la central de abasto, estaba super lleno. It was crowded!! people taking fruits like if its were the last of the planet!!!

So she bought me this drink made of caña de Azucar, ... well read the name i think the signs are clearly enough to know the name of this fruit. SUGAR CANE

It was deliciously....fresh!

So here a list of things that can be found in footscray!!!! >>>

Aqui la lista de las cosas que se pueden encontrar en Foostcray>>>>>

Dried Squids!!! Calamaaares secos!!!!!

Look there is face through the apples and is starring at us!!!!
Entre las manzanas una cara tiene!!! oooh esta mirandonos!!!

I looked horrible I know, it was because I didn't have time to wash my hair 9_9 BTW she is Quynh (Cuon asi en español suena pero esa o es coomo baja osea no es una o normal es como de ultratumba) i met her in my aikido class, she is so kind and she's now working here in Melbourne.

The apples here are cheaper... ill come here to buy them....

I found also the DORIAN or whatever is write. I didn't found it disgusting I like it! furthermore it was spiny to carry away

And for the final the living crabs!!!! Cuteee!!! I hope i could now how to cook them!!

Si tan solo pudiera cocinarlos!, nose como!