20 November 2010

toy to the world

Toy to the world was an event to sell the popobears made by artists...designers, blah and help, with an auction of this bears in January, all the money will go to the AIDS research here in Australia.

Asisti con Susane a este evento en tattershall Ln in Melbourne australia, el punto es que artistas decoraran uno de los 160 popobears que se venderan para dar el dinero a la investigacion contra el SIDA.

So me and Susane, la alemana, came to the TOY TO THE WORLD event... where we paint a popobe!! here me and one of my 3 popobears

Drying Base colors of other bears....asi esperando el secado de los popobears al sol

Susane came with me, she is painting her details to her bears

starting the details

Base colors!!! with spray paint

:) this is called "payaso" due to its face. Este se llama payaso por la cara

this has "parts" is an hermaphrodite. Este tiene organos sexosos es hermafrodita!

All the views!! Este fue hecho igual con laca primero!

I waited a lot till the paint dry!! it was my first time using... spray paints!

Calaca is the name of this one, is inspired in POSADA's cuts

For this i use paint markers (they are so great u squezze them and u find them filled with kind of acrylic paint but within a marker!!), sharpie colors and!! graffiti spraaaysss!!!

this popobe i named it quetzalcoatl

All 3 popobe together!!! Los popobe que hice juntos!!!