26 August 2010

Victorian Houses

So here I post a lot of photos i took last sunday of the victorian houses to get an inspiration of the ornaments and the colors of them. Cause right now Im trying to get the essence of Melbourne.LAvanda flowers i guess? i dunno the name in English, but the flowers smeelll so beautiful i haven't met them before and I really like how they felt.
This again the colors and the ornaments, look at the fences
Here another beautiful house, look at the colors I really get inspiration with this one.
This beautiful house with a lot more of ornaments.
The house from an other view, again because of the ornaments

The Mail box I like the fence and I was trying again to focus just the mail box without good results though.

The welcome carpet? it is actually mosaic, but I love the ornaments and the colors and the design itself
A charming lovely green door and its number
In this one i was trying to make a depth of field, but the camera display is to tiny, that I couldn't see if I do it well or no.

Another door and that strange little window in the part below of the stairs that I am willing to know the reason of its existence.
Look to the white ornaments of the door above, i think they are like in New Orleans...

I have an obsession with doors

I like the ornaments... and the colors
Click them to enlarge them...