11 August 2010

Transporte publico Melbourne

Hello this time I{m gonna talk about the public transport here in Melbourne Victoria
I am not use to publish an entry that is why is like a mess, but if you start reading by the bottom to the top I'll have more sense...

The interior of the Train wagon!!! It is comfortable and fast!!

See this is the outside of the train...is so nice...
A look of the train platform, every time you saw that things in the floor. that rubber bubbles means that public transport is close. (Or at least every time I saw it I found tram stops, train stop in this case).
this is the train Station!! It is more less hard to find which platform is the right one for the train you want to choose. It was confusing at least for me.

this is the Tram circle, the free tram that is for tourists (I just get ob board one time but I've never finish the circle). It is an old tram, is so pretty and slow.

This is Flinders Street train Station, see the Irish guy there? Is the first time I hear a bagpipe!!

this is the Tram stop in flinders Street, so it is what you can see in the opossite direction from the Station. Also you can see part of Federation Square.

The tram is my favorite public transportation, because you can see all the things around you. though is not very fast as the train.

Taaa DAhh here I present you the metcard machine that is on all the trams here in Melbourne it depends on which zone you live the amount of many you need to pay, there are 3 zones: Zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3. I fortunately live in Zone 1, so I need to pay like 60Pesos per Day, 3.50 for 3 hour= 38pesos. Or 14.50 AUD per week = 155 pesos. Or for the month: 54.50AUD= 550Pesos. the ticket is for anytime you get on board,

Although nobody ask you for the metcard (the one you buy in the machine I just show you above) there are some police officers that will get on board, and if you don't have a valid ticket they will FINE you, without caring if it is your first time or no in the city. That is why all we need to be careful to have a valid ticket.

So ppl thanks the Mexico government for the support of public transport there in Mexico (I just talk about the Metro thing and MetroBus).