14 August 2010


Hi everyone, This time I present you some of my MOLESKINE sketches with some studies in hipogriff (eagle and horses) and some other projects. Hope I'll receive my payment this week and I could buy my boots for this Winter in Melbourne or maybe is better idea to get rid of the bikinis i just show you. Anyway all ppl say me that this month is the last Winter month (I hope so) and then will be more warmer (hope I'll stop to use this large coats and my day last long!!). Anyway enjoy them!!

Aca combinado el estudio del hipogrifo, con las patas traseras del caballo y el aguila y sus patas mas otro proyecto que ando empezando.
El estudio del caballo para hacer el hipogrifo... luego subire otros mas... porque no fue el unico
Aqui unos sketches de mi MOLESKINE para futuros proyectos..