20 August 2010

Heeere this was the assigment for the 1st class of life-drawing I spend 2 hours, trying to put more details, but I don't like it... Can you recognize me?? if u can then is done, that was the purpose, Although there was a girl that draw like god and makes mine look like shit comparing it... anyway
Ok I am messy, but I like to have my art pasted on the wall... See there are the drawings from the rotoscoping of the other day (tango dancers)
Aggh a horrible winter windy....rainy day.... i think Im going back to sleep
This is what you read... in the tram tracker
This is the tram tracker thingy, you are sit and in some stops you may be able to see the tram tracker.
Esta vista me encanto se trata de Melbourne Central, cuando vi que era un edificio dentro de una plaza quede impactadisima de la vista. So I took the photo of the bld inside the Mall inside MElbourne Central